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Despite the number of Prosecutions in Scotland falling over the last few years there are still an number of individuals who find themselves being cited to attend at either the Sheriff Court or Justice of the Peace Court. In some circumstances, you may find yourself in custody either to be interviewed by police or under arrest and due to appear in Court in respect of something altogether more serious. If you are in such a situation then we are able to help.

We have experience in attending police station interviews, dealing with cases in the High Court, Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court. We even have experience in assisting individuals to defend international and European prosecutions. We also deal with parole board cases and prison related issues.

We also have experience with Road Traffic Law and have saved more than a few driving licences in our long history.

Legal Aid can be made available depending upon earnings and capital. We are more than happy to advise client's regarding the availability of legal aid.

If you think you have a criminal case which you require assistance with or have even simply been charged with an offence then please do not hesitate to contact our Miss Hunter by telephone or by emailing

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