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Many divorcing or separating couples are now choosing to explore methods other than litigation to resolve their differences .

Lawyer mediators, such as Cheryl Brown, have combined many years of family law experience with intensive training in mediation skills. Mediation can help couples consider the options open to them in an effort to work out a mutually acceptable arrangement. A mediator is independent and cannot take sides but can help the decision making process. Although a divorce can only be granted by the court ,mediation can often help resolve finances, children and other issues which will avoid lengthy and 

expensive court proceedings . Cheryl Brown aims to combine her practical experience with a sympathetic approach in offering a more informal , less confrontational method of dispute resolution.

Cheryl Brown is also trained in Collaborative legal practice This is a cost effective alternative to litigation whereby each party retains their own collaborative solicitor whilst working together to focus on finding a solution which is right for their family and their personal circumstances . The collaborative approach aims to minimise the impact of conflict on clients and their children . Please contact us if you want to find out more .

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