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 A Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows you to plan for the future. It must be drawn up while you have the capacity to do so and allows another person the authority to deal with your affairs relating to financial or property matters and / or  your personal welfare. 

There are two types of Power of Attorney

  1. Welfare
  2. Continuing

A Welfare Power of Attorney deals with decisions to be made about your future health and personal welfare such as your day to day care, accommodation and medical needs. Your attorney can only make these decisions for you when you are no longer able to do so yourself.

A Continuing Power of Attorney allows your attorney to make decisions about your money or property. This can be used to help with financial matters before you are incapable.

A Continuing power of power of attorney can be combined with a welfare power of attorney. 

A Power of Attorney is something that everyone should consider putting in place. With some people, their capacity to look after their affairs diminishes gradually as they grow older but sudden accidents or illnesses can strike any of us without warning . No-one has the right to act on your behalf without your legal authority and a Power of Attorney can avoid the need for your family or friends having to go to court to obtain permission to make decisions for you.

if you wish to discuss making a Power of Attorney or you would like more information then please call our office on 01236 754571 or alternatively e-mail Mrs Cheryl Brown at 

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