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Making a will is one of the most important things we can do . It determines how our possessions and finances will be shared in the event of our death. Unfortunately there is still a large number of adults who have no will and this can result in a great deal of complication for their loved ones at a time when they are coping with loss. Without a will your family may have to face unneccessary costs and delay in dealing with your affairs. Disagreements may occur as to how your property should be divided. Issues can arise for couples who have not married or registered a civil partnership if there is no will. In circumstances where there is no will then your estate will be distributed in terms legal rules which is not necessarily as you would wish. Making a will is a fairly straightforward procedure and at McWhinney Richards we are happy to guide you in ensuring your wishes are reflected and offering you the advice you need .

Before making a Will you should think about:

* The nature and value of your property, including business interests 

* Who you would like to benefit from your Will - including your spouse or partner, children and and your extended family and friends

* Who you would want to administer your Estate, i.e. your Executor

* Whether you have any preference regarding funeral arrangements

We can then meet with you to discuss your wishes and produce a draft will for your approval. When you are happy with your will , the principal will be issued to you with instructions for ensuring this is signed and witnessed properly or you can come to sign it at the office. We are happy to store your will for you if you wish and a copy will be provided for you to keep at home .

 You should then review your will regularly to make sure it continues to reflect your wishes and any change in circumstances.

We at McWhinney Richards appreciate that it is an extremely emotional and stressful experience having to deal with the death of a loved one and the subsequent administration of their estate . We can help make this much less difficult for you by helping to carry out the identification and valuing of the deceased's estate , completing documentation required to apply for confirmation , ingathering the estate , paying any debts and distributing the estate in accordance with the deceased's wishes or in terms of intestacy laws where there is no will. 

For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our Mrs Cheryl Brown on 01236 754571 or E-mail her at 

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